IDIRA project:

Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale
multinational disaster response actions

IDIRA is a research project funded by the European Commission with a duration of four years (2011-2015), gathering eighteen partners to focus on the interoperability of data and emergency procedures in response to large-scale disasters.




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Latest news

IDIRA at the International Conference on Wireless Networks

The IDIRA Wireless Gateways (WGWs) were presented at the International Conference on Wireless Networks, which took place in Las Vegas, USA, from 21st to 24th of July 2014.



IDIRA MICS and IDIRA Communication Network Proven to be Ready for Deployment

On June 15th, an IDIRA training in the north of Salzburg, Austria, was performed. Members of the ERU ITT of the Austrian Red Cross installed the MobileInformation and Communication Structure (MICS) and the IDIRA communication network consisting of Communication Field Relays (COFRs) and Wireless Gateways (WGWs).





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Granted under the "Seventh Framework Programme" of the European Commission.

Technical Meeting on IDIRA Trainings